Covid-19 World Totals

Site Updates 3/23/20

We’ve done a few things to make improvements such as refined the data that shows on the front page and added some new pages.

  • We updated the data sources so that the page loads a little faster
  • We removed some of the charts that were only tracking the first 20 days of the outbreak
  • We added an X-Y line chart that displays confirmed, recovered, and mortal cases
  • We added pagination to some of the tables on the front page to let you sort through the data more easily. Look for the “>” symbols.
  • We added search functions to some of the tables on the front page
  • We enable social sharing and added a Contact page.
  • We added a Raw Data page that includes a simple table that allows you to sort and search the data. We will update this multiple times daily as well.

Thanks for staying with us. We’re rethinking how we show this information constantly and we are listening to you suggestions.

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