Covid-19 World Totals

Site Updates April 7, 2020

Today we’ve made several updates to the site

  • Added two new maps. The old map was good, but provided very little detail that wasn’t available elsewhere in the site.
  • Added Impact By Country section which has several selectable positions
  • Simplified the charts on the front page and added a US chart.
  • Added a US counties growth chart using the new data provided by the New York Times.

We usually make very small changes to the various sections that are reporting data. There’s still much work to do.


  • Working on a “Resources List”
  • Adding user configurable charts, maps, and views
  • Adding predictive analysis. As the data grows, it becomes more compelling to try and make predictions

Thanks for staying with us, watching with us, and please keep as safe as you can. It’s likely that the coming weeks are critical in the US as the virus begins to spread.

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