Covid-19 World Totals

Updates – April 13, 2020

Today, we launched the Projection Data page. After trying several times to build a model that do some predictive analysis, we came into a method that is simple, straightforward and seems to work. Today the model projected 589,436 total cases and 25,497 total deaths in the United States. The actual numbers according to 1point3acres which we consider to be a gold source of data, was 588,421 total confirmed cases and 25,680.

The model goes on to project a mid May peak and afterward, the numbers fall dramatically and far less accurately.

In other, even more grim and terrifying news:

  • In January, Trump was warned about the Coronavirus in which he was told that it could cost up to 500,000 American lives and cost trillions of dollars in economic damage. He denied, downplayed, and ignored that messaging
  • Dr. Fauci confirmed the report that Trump rejected and belittled publicly, concerning social distancing guidelines laid out by several public health officials. Had they been enacted sooner, untold thousands more lives would have been saved.
  • Trump retweeted a post calling for Dr Fauci’s dismissal, a claim the white house denies, despite the tweets existence:
  • Trump declared he has the power to overrule governors and “open up” states and relax social distancing practices to combat the coronavirus

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