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  • We Are Still Counting

    We Are Still Counting

    So, as you can see, the site was refreshed and simplified. Several enhancements to reduce code, enable better use on mobile devices, and a lot of work to simplify the information while retaining the detail. Despite what is commonly believed, we feel this is not over. Next, we’re adding data from waste treatment facilities… Thanks […]

  • Getting Back To News Posting Soon

    Getting Back To News Posting Soon
  • Site Update – April 11, 2020

    Site Update – April 11, 2020

    Here are some of the changes we’ve made in the past few days: Improved the Maps page Added a Flourish wheel chart listing many details Update the chart listing the actions taken in each state Updated the Raw Data page to include links to data in .csv (comma separated value) form for your own research […]

  • Site Updates April 7, 2020

    Today we’ve made several updates to the site Added two new maps. The old map was good, but provided very little detail that wasn’t available elsewhere in the site. Added Impact By Country section which has several selectable positions Simplified the charts on the front page and added a US chart. Added a US counties […]

  • Incremental Improvements

    Since we’ve come back online, after a brief outage yesterday, we’ve made several improvements and changed several things about the way we represent the data: We’ve further hardened our security and added a privacy policy. We’ve pulled some of the data sources and are now mostly focused on the Johns Hopkins data We’ve added new […]

  • Back Online

    Fought all day with denial of service attacks, brute force login attempts, and just about every kind of other attack, including compromising some of the data sources (which we’ve changed). I didn’t realize how valuable information about the virus would be to some people Note: McAfee may show the site as “Harmful” or “Dangerous,” but […]

  • Notice

    Statement: So for now, as of about 01:00AM EST, one of the data providers that we use was compromised (hacked). We’re pulling down the site until we can secure a new data source. We’d rather that we don’t have a site for the moment, than we would put any viewers at risk. This is a […]