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Site Update – April 11, 2020

Here are some of the changes we’ve made in the past few days:

  • Improved the Maps page
  • Added a Flourish wheel chart listing many details
  • Update the chart listing the actions taken in each state
  • Updated the Raw Data page to include links to data in .csv (comma separated value) form for your own research purposes. Added data from Johns Hopkins updated daily

Lastly, as a reminder, we’re all going to have to start dressing like this soon. Please make a note of it:

Site News Site Updates

Site Updates April 7, 2020

Today we’ve made several updates to the site

  • Added two new maps. The old map was good, but provided very little detail that wasn’t available elsewhere in the site.
  • Added Impact By Country section which has several selectable positions
  • Simplified the charts on the front page and added a US chart.
  • Added a US counties growth chart using the new data provided by the New York Times.

We usually make very small changes to the various sections that are reporting data. There’s still much work to do.


  • Working on a “Resources List”
  • Adding user configurable charts, maps, and views
  • Adding predictive analysis. As the data grows, it becomes more compelling to try and make predictions

Thanks for staying with us, watching with us, and please keep as safe as you can. It’s likely that the coming weeks are critical in the US as the virus begins to spread.

News Site Updates

New Table – What Has Each State Done?

We’ve searched several data sources around the world and compiled a listing of each state, what action they have taken, and when they first took any form of action.

Most states have closed schools and many have enacted various states of restrictions. Unless states have enacted legislature to enforce closures or restrictions, they are listed as “No” in the table below.

An overwhelming amount of US states, at this time, have only made recommendations and have not enacted compulsory restrictions on gathering, travel, or closed schools.

A small amount of states have taken strong action, based on legislature, and with enforcement measures:

Image Source:

Site News Site Updates

Incremental Improvements

Since we’ve come back online, after a brief outage yesterday, we’ve made several improvements and changed several things about the way we represent the data:

  • We’ve further hardened our security and added a privacy policy.
  • We’ve pulled some of the data sources and are now mostly focused on the Johns Hopkins data
  • We’ve added new dashboard on the “Raw Data” page
  • We’ve formatted the data in a more compact manner and refined it to make it easier to view on a phone

There’s still quite a lot to do:

  • Create a GDPR policy page, do we need that?
  • Find a way to publish the massive amount of information that we’re collecting everyday at this google sheet
  • Find the best possible and fastest loading visualization tools

If you have any suggestions, please let us know

News Site Updates

Site Updates 3/23/20

We’ve done a few things to make improvements such as refined the data that shows on the front page and added some new pages.

  • We updated the data sources so that the page loads a little faster
  • We removed some of the charts that were only tracking the first 20 days of the outbreak
  • We added an X-Y line chart that displays confirmed, recovered, and mortal cases
  • We added pagination to some of the tables on the front page to let you sort through the data more easily. Look for the “>” symbols.
  • We added search functions to some of the tables on the front page
  • We enable social sharing and added a Contact page.
  • We added a Raw Data page that includes a simple table that allows you to sort and search the data. We will update this multiple times daily as well.

Thanks for staying with us. We’re rethinking how we show this information constantly and we are listening to you suggestions.

Site Updates

Refinements and Improvements

So for the moment, we’ve refined what data we do have. Hopefully, we are presenting it as it is, rather than presenting a conclusion and representing the data in order to support that conclusion.

The site will go through several iterations until we reach the best data sources and can display that data in an empirical and easy to understand manner.

Thank you for so many visits on our first 24 hours.

Along with providing site updates, we’ll use this space for news that is relevant, interesting, and timely going forward.

Site Updates


Welcome to

We are concerned, trying to find as much information as possible, and needed to build a single dashboard that would give high-level, as well as detailed information at a glance.

For now, we’re going with data provided by Johns Hopkins University and visualized utilizing the datawrapper data visualization tools.

This is an evolving project. Please stay tuned and “pardon our dust.”