Covid-19 World Totals

Coronavirus (Covid 19) Statistics


  • News Briefs – 4/12/20

    He Could Have Seen What Was Coming: Behind Trump’s Failure on the Virus The ‘Red Dawn’ Emails: 8 Key Exchanges on the Faltering Response to the Coronavirus The French doctors who wanted to test vaccines on Africans and Western medicine’s dark history Trump pushes even harder to open the country Acting Navy Secretary Thomas Modly […]


  • Site Update – April 11, 2020

    Site Update – April 11, 2020

    Here are some of the changes we’ve made in the past few days: Improved the Maps page Added a Flourish wheel chart listing many details Update the chart listing the actions taken in each state Updated the Raw Data page to include links to data in .csv (comma separated value) form for your own research […]


  • Site Updates April 7, 2020

    Today we’ve made several updates to the site Added two new maps. The old map was good, but provided very little detail that wasn’t available elsewhere in the site. Added Impact By Country section which has several selectable positions Simplified the charts on the front page and added a US chart. Added a US counties […]


  • But… The Regular Flu…

    Here is a handy chart to share with the deniers…


  • New Table – What Has Each State Done?

    New Table – What Has Each State Done?

    We’ve searched several data sources around the world and compiled a listing of each state, what action they have taken, and when they first took any form of action. Most states have closed schools and many have enacted various states of restrictions. Unless states have enacted legislature to enforce closures or restrictions, they are listed […]


  • Airlines Grab Bailout Cash, Immediately Lay Off Workers

    Airlines warn government aid ‘not a cure’ for coronavirus travel plunge “American Airlines Group Inc. — which is not shown in the chart but is included in overall figures — led the pack, with negative cumulative free cash flow during the decade while it repurchased more than $12.5 billion of its shares. United Airlines Holdings […]


  • News Briefs

    News Briefs

    Escape from Florida: My 2,400-km drive back to the sanity of Canada – Stephen Maher: In Florida, the beaches were open, people filled bars, and many just couldn’t seem to grasp ‘why everyone is panicking’ The US now leads the world in Covid-19 cases. Following a series of missteps, the nation is now the epicenter […]